Why Do You Need a Root Canal After a Filling or Crown?

Sometimes, a tooth with recent dental work can suddenly and unexpectedly develop a full-blown toothache. If you recently had a crown or a filling placed and now you’ve received the unwelcome news that you need a root canal, you might be wondering why this happened. Fortunately, most of the time it does not happen.  But, … Read more

How to Lower Dental Costs by Phasing Care

Some folks who have not had access to regular care will discover that a lot of dental disease has accumulated over the years.  But don’t despair!  You don’t have all of your work done overnight. Your dentist can manage your care over time. It may not seem like phasing care makes dental care less expensive. … Read more

When Do You Need a Crown on a Tooth?

Crowns are among the more costly dental treatments.  You might be wondering if you really need one.  I hope to offer insight on this question.  Unfortunately, it’s not always so cut and dry. For most people, maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime usually requires some proactive investment. Otherwise, you risk spending more money reacting to … Read more

Average Cost of a Dental Bridge

If you’re considering getting a bridge to replace your missing teeth and would like to know the approximate fee you can expect to pay, this post will walk you through it.  And, I will also share a great resource to help you determine a reasonable fee for any dental procedure. I wish I could give … Read more

Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, you’re not alone! Most adults are missing at least one tooth. (not counting wisdom teeth). If you’re not sure how to go about replacing your missing tooth and you’re not comfortable allowing your dentist to decide for you, keep reading! Before diving into the subject of how we … Read more

Do You Have to Replace Your Tooth?

I’ve learned over the years that people respond very differently to a missing tooth. Some people cannot tolerate the chewing difficulty and/or aesthetic change imposed by the empty space, whereas others don’t miss their tooth at all. They have no problems eating whatever they want. There are pros and cons to everything. If you lose … Read more

Note from Beth, IDC Founder

Hello and welcome to Informed Dental Consumer! My name is Beth, and I have been a practicing dentist since 2002. For much of my career, I have worked in underserved communities. Over the years, I witnessed too many low-income patients spend more money on dental care than their wealthier counterparts for far worse outcomes. It … Read more